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LGM Group, Standard Terms and Conditions of Business (STCB)


Unless otherwise specified in writing, the following terms and conditions of business apply.


1. Valid

This quotation remains valid for acceptance for 14 days from the date of the quotation unless another period is stated in the quotation.

2. Price Variation

The price specified is based on the cost of wages, materials, plant and taxes at the date of the quotation and we reserve the right to vary the contract by any variation in costs of wages, materials, plant and taxes occurring before completion of the works detailed within the quotation.

3. Terms of Payment

The company may require suitable credit references and reserves the right to withdraw this quotation if these are not available. Unless otherwise agreed, prices quoted are net and the company shall be entitled to payment as specified: -

3.a. Deposit (if specified) at the time of accepting the quotation.

3.b. Interim payments during the course of the works (if specified) based on the company's valuation of the works completed.

3.c. Final account payable on completion.

3.d. If the work in interrupted for more than 7 days, then payment of the company's valuation of all work completed, materials delivered or other costs incurred to that stage will be due.

3.e. The company shall be entitled to charge, at it's discretion, interest on payments more than 14 days overdue at 5% per annum above National Westminster Bank base rate commencing from the date that the payment becomes due.

4. Other Works

Our responsibility extends only to works carried out by us or under our contract and not to works carried out by others. The construction of surfacing or other works on foundations or on other surfaces not constructed by ourselves does not imply that we accept such as being satisfactory or we accept responsibility for their performance.

5. Ownership, Consents, Rights etc

The customer is responsible for obtaining all licenses, permits, rights of ownership, access, building, demolition or felling consents and any other legal requirements relating to the works and will bear all the costs resulting from failure to do so. The company offers a planning service and will be pleased to advise on such matters, but cannot accept responsibility unless specified in writing.

6. Access/Continuity

Our quotation is based on the fact that suitable access for plant and materials and continuity of works is available. In the event that access becomes unsuitable or our works are delayed by the customer for any reason, the company will be entitled to fair recompense for any additional costs arising.

7. Excavations

Where excavations are required the price is based on the assumption that excavations will be in normal soil and that no hidden obstacles will be encountered during any part of the work. If rock or running sand, unstable ground, excessive water or any other unforeseen circumstances and / or any services such as water, gas electricity, drainage etc. Not previously advised to the company to exist, is met with, the company reserves the right to charge for any additional work involved, but shall not proceed without obtaining the agreement of the purchaser.


Every effort is made to commence and complete the work within specified dates, however we cannot be held responsible for delays due to weather conditions or other causes outside our control.


The nature of many materials and processes used make it unavoidable that minor variations in texture and colour. Whilst every effort will be made, the company cannot guarantee colour texture matching to closer tolerances than those inherent in the materials and processes used.

10. Protection/Security

The company cannot accept responsibility for the protection of the works during or after construction.

11.  Aftercare

The company will make available aftercare instructions and cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by failure to observe these instructions.

12. Claims

Excepting its statutory obligations the company shall not be liable for any claims for damage, loss or personal injury whatsoever arising consequential upon or incidental to the use of the works referred to in the quotation either during the period of construction or at any time there after.

13. Plants, Shrubs, Trees and Turf

All the above are supplied to you in good health from our selected suppliers.

As we have no control over plants, shrubs, trees, turf and other living items supplied once they leave our hands we give no warrants, expressed or implied after planting has taken place. Items may not have labels attached.

14. Trade Board

We reserve the right to display a trade board whilst works are underway, and for up to four weeks after completion of works.

15. Acceptance

The acceptance of the quotation implies acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.  

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